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  • Carbon Forward

    Our products are engineered with the understanding that carbon is the future of plant nutrition and one of the most important micronutrient sources.

  • 100% Bio Available

    We make nutrition that fit perfectly into plant metabolic pathways, resulting in product that give you Nutrient dense product.

  • Plant Extracts

    We work with plants, that influence everything from soil chemistry to plant metabolism.

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  • Amino Acids

    Along with utilizing humates, I also take advantage of the qualities that aminos acids offer.

    Specifically soybean aminos, they bring so much to the table.

    For example, they come with an absolutely beautiful nitrogen source that is attached to the amino acid.

    Making it a very forgiving nitrogen source. One that will not turn into ammonia or fluctuate concentration with water content in the media.

    This brings huge advantages in my eyes. Allowing beautiful dry backs, while providing a non antagonistic nitrogen source.

    With all that awesomeness you get one of the best bio hacks in the plant world known as "AMINO ACID hack."

    Allowing plants to save up to 20% energy, and allowing that energy to be re focused on the areas we would like. Such as vigorous growth and immune building responses.

    This also comes with the ability for aminos to help increase calcium uptake by 2000%. We all know calcium as being rather tricky for plants to absorb, binding to things other than our root zone.

  • Humates

    I have provided some charts and references on Humic acids to help visualize and quantify its nutrient mark-up to better help you apply yourself in the garden.

    I use humic with EVERY watering at 1/4 TSP per 5 gallons o water and see amazing results.

    I offer some of the highest quality Humates on the market with quality over everything mindset.

  • Fermented Fruit Juice

    Fermented Fruit Juice is a nutritional activation enzyme that helps improve the condition of the soil and therefore the crops growing in it. Through foliar application (spraying the mixture directly to the flower and fruit of the plants) can improve the flavor of the crops because it also functions as a natural taste enhancer.

    Raw brown sugar is an important ingredient in producing , since it is responsible for the extraction of phytochemicals which can be found in fruits and vegetables. 

    The plants or vegetables used to make FFJ contain chlorophyll, plant tissue, hormones, and beneficial microorganisms from the leaves.

    When properly made, FPJ contains:

    beneficial plant hormone.

    sprimary and secondary plant nutrients.



    Worth Repeating: Less Is More With Fermented Fertilizers.

    Full Spectrum Bloom Ferment