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Full Spectrum ( Concentrated Formula )

Full Spectrum ( Concentrated Formula )

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98% of the bottle is made of material that biodegrades .There is  an additive to our barrier material comprised of organic materials designed to attract microbial activity. These microorganisms, upon consuming the ENSO material, excrete enzymes that weaken and depolymerize the plastic. The result is biogases and inert humus*.


500ML                                                         3ML Per Gallon

*Increase carbon storage.
*Builds soil microbe populations and diversity.
*Improves soil structure and water retention.
*increases crop quality and yield.
*100% Bioavailable.

 *increases soil carbon.

*Increases free living soil and rhizosphere microorganism populations.

*serves as an organic catalyst for all plant functions.

*improves trace element nutrition through chelation.

Can help increase flower growth and density by enhancing water uptake and nutrient metabolism pathways in flowering plants.

 Carbon Forward Full Spectrum Bloom Ferment is made with plants that are rich in prebiotic sugars, minerals, amino, and organic acids, all of which help feed fast-growing and high-yielding plants.

100% nitrate-free, and formulated with organic acid complexes that drive phosphorylation pathways in plants, helping to increase flower growth and weight by improving sugar production and water metabolism.


  • Measure
    3  ML per gallon of feedwater

  • Mix
    solution well – no pH adjustment or aeration needed

  • Apply
    immediately and discard any remaining solution


Derived from: Fermented Organic plant material.

This Ferment will make plants stack and spit Resin.

Natural Flower Hardener/Enhancer 

Packed full of natural PGR's and Hormones.


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