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increases the availability of phosphorus and calcium to your plants and soil. This helps them grow stronger and more bountiful. This soil additive produces a wide range of benefits for plant health, structure, and flavor, contributing to a vigorous soil food web and improving the accessibility of nutrients. The addition of micronized  FISH to any nutrient line will increase size, aroma, and flavor of finished product. . The active ingredient in MICRONIZED FISH, calcium phosphate, helps to carry all nutrients to the plant, except for nitrogen and potassium. Calcium is essential for supplying plant growth energy in order to sustain life and growth and promotes solid stems through stronger cell development. Calcium also increases the cation exchange capacity of soils, making nutrients more available to microbial activity and ultimately to the plant. It also aids in washing salt from a potting soil or soilless medium and can be used as part of a soil flush solution. Micronized FISH can be used alone or to enhance the EFFECTS OF OTHER NUTRIENTS.


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