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Trichoderma Harzianum, 10 billion CFU/gram, Water soluble

Trichoderma Harzianum, 10 billion CFU/gram, Water soluble

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3.5 gram vial containing 3.2 x 10 billion CFU trichoderma spore.

0.15 Grams for 1 gallon of water

Trichoderma harzianum is a naturally occurring fungus that is used to protect crops from the harmful gray mold, botrytis cinerea, powdery mildew, and downy mildew.

It can be applied outdoors and in greenhouses to most food crops as a Growth promoter, Bio control agent, and Bio fertilizer.


Trichoderma  harzanium it has plant growth promoting effects which are caused by secondary metabolite production of siderophores, which are high affinity for iron chelating compounds.


The beneficial role of fungi from the Trichoderma genus and its secondary metabolites in promoting plant growth, uptake and use efficiency of macronutrients and oligo/micro-nutrients, activation of plant secondary metabolism and plant protection from diseases makes it interesting for application in environmentally friendly agriculture.  to Trichoderma application was more significant. As a consequence of increased epidermal flavonols. The quality of its fruit was altered in the sense of increased total flavonoids content, decreased starch, increased Bioaccumulation Index (BI) for Fe and Cr, and decreased BI for heavy metals Ni and Pb. Higher expression of swolenin gene in  roots of more responsive cultivar indicates better root colonization, which correlates with observed positive effects of Trichodrema.

Trichoderma harzianum fertilizer enhanced root and soil enzyme activities, and reduced rhizosphere phenolic acid concentrations

Under normal growth conditions, plant cells maintain a dynamic balance between the production and removal of reactive oxygen species (ROS). Under stress, the production of free radicals outstrips their elimination, and plants suffer oxidative injury . POD, SOD, CAT, and APX are important antioxidant enzymes in plants and can effectively reduce the damage caused by ROS and other peroxide free radicals, thereby enhancing the plant’s stress resistance ) demonstrated that T. harzianum played a role in reducing F. oxysporum-induced ROS and reactive nitrogen species, potentially alleviating oxidative and nitrostative stress in cucumber roots. Moreover, inoculation with T. harzianum attenuated F. oxysporum-induced inhibition of the ascorbate–glutathione cycle and the oxidative pentose phosphate pathway, and improved the antioxidant capacity of plants. In our experiment, the antioxidant enzyme activities of POD, SOD, CAT, and APX in the root system increased significantly after the application of T. harzianum fertilizer compared with their levels in the continuously cropped control soil . Trichoderma harzianum alleviated oxidative and nitrifying stress by improving ROS and reactive nitrogen species metabolism during Fusarium infection of  roots . Metabolites from T. harzianum may activate the plant’s own defense system, enhancing its ability to resist pathogenic fungi and thereby promoting its growth. studies found that solutions of T. harzianum or Trichoderma viride could improve plant stress resistance and promote the growth of

Appearance: Light green to green powder
Solubility: Water soluble
Microbial Count: 10 billion CFU/gram


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